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Just a quick post, short and sweet, about the current Nashville Real Estate Market in Fall of 2018.  See the link below to head over to my Youtube Channel to check it out!


Fall Market Update- By Jason Kaczmarski


Prognosis:  Changing Real Estate Market!


How so?:  The market is becoming a little more balanced, meaning homes are typically on the market longer than they were a few months ago, with prices a bit lower than they were as well.  Balanced in the sense that it's less of an overall "seller's market" than it was, and buyers may be seeing a little bit more choice than they were, especially in price points that were very competitive just a few months ago.  


Why is this happening?:  The rate that our prices were appreciating wasn't sustainable forever, and it appears now may be the time where pricing is going to level off for a little while.  Also, we are in the typical fall "slowdown" period, which tends to see less sales than spring and summer.  


Is this good or bad?!?:  It depends!  I think sellers can still feel confident that with the right marketing strategy and the right price, their home will still sell.  For buyers, you may now have a few more choices than you did just a few months ago, and a little more clout in the market.  I'm going back to the word BALANCE.  



- By Jason Kaczmarski- RE/MAX Elite